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Coating was for children lead poisoning augur ill buy furniture had better not choose bright-coloure

Recently, the WHO said in a statement, lead paint is a major trigger point for children's lead poisoning, children's lives through toys, walls, door frames, furniture are likely to come into contact with lead paint. The reporter visited found some paint, furniture market, parents in the purchase of paint, children's furniture, "the lead content" the concern is not enough, some of the stores for their sales are not clear whether the lead paint. Buy furniture paint is best not to choose the bright section guy children lead poisoning


The World Health Organization: lead poisoning of children, coating is the "main culprit"

Recently, WHO said in a statement that paint is a major trigger point for lead poisoning in children, and called for avoiding the use of lead paint to protect children from lead poisoning.

Who has identified lead as one of the ten chemicals causing major public health concerns. Allegedly, lead exposure cause 143 thousand deaths a year, and young children are particularly vulnerable to the toxic effects of lead caused by lead poisoning can also cause serious side effects, continuing on children's health, especially affects the brain and nervous system development. Who reminds children that exposure to leaded paint can be found through toys, walls, door frames and furniture.


Blood lead levels were normal in Nanjing children

In 2010, the Jiangsu Provincial Center for Disease Control and prevention investigated more than 7-12 children aged one thousand years in Nanjing. The results showed that the average blood lead level was 36.90 micrograms / liter, and the rate of blood lead poisoning was 1.8%. The results are comparable to those of the United States, Beijing and Germany, lower than Tianjin, Wuhan and the national average. The survey showed that blood lead levels were higher in boys than in girls, consistent with the third national health and Nutrition Survey in the United States and the results of blood lead surveys in 15 Chinese cities. With the increase of age, children's outdoor activities increased, boys activities range, lead exposure to more opportunities for pollution, boys should be carried out more health education.

Nanjing Maternity and Child Care Center child Yao Tianhong said: "this year, the patient has rarely seen severe lead poisoning of children."

"Compared with adults, it is difficult for children to absorb lead and lead to lead."." Yao Tianhong said that the existence of shoddy paint and paint is easy to lead to excessive lead in children, and now furniture floors, walls are inseparable from paint, paint, once the use of lead paint, children's health is certainly unfavorable.

Children sometimes lead to excessive levels of lead, which may have something to do with the environment, not just paint, Yao Tianhong says. Our country used leaded gasoline before, and then switched to unleaded gasoline, but according to research, these lead for a long time in the air environment, the longest can reach 20 years. Second, children like to play with toys, but the more brightly colored toys, if the use of shoddy paint, it is easy to be ingested by children. Third, excessive intake of lead foods can lead to excessive levels of lead. For example, the roadside indigenous fried popcorn, lead content is high, is not recommended for children to eat. Fourth, some high pollution, high emission industrial zones, of course, are more likely to lead to excessive lead in children.

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