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Waterproof coating of choose and buy has a skill Teach you to avoid leaking toilet trouble ahead of

Whether the judgment of toilet waterproof quality clearance, quality first will check the bathroom waterproof coating, waterproof materials on the market at home usually have two types, one is waterproof coating liquid, polyurethane waterproof coating and polymer composite waterproof coating; the other is a waterproof material powder, such as waterproof and powder dulouling etc.. The consumers how to choose suitable bathroom waterproof material, waterproof layer to ensure no danger of anything going wrong home? The bathroom waterproof paint introduced waterproof coating liquid mainly refers to the tar type polyurethane waterproof coating, divided and non tar type two. Non tar coating is the most common waterproof material in the market. It is a non tar based material used as curing agent, such as asphalt, additives and fillers composed of curing agent. This kind of waterproof coating is divided into two groups, group a curing agent, group B is the main component of materials. The material has stable quality, little pollution, good aging resistance, good adhesion and water - increasing property.

Non tar waterproof coating is mainly used for toilet and kitchen floor waterproof. Group A and B should be mixed in a certain proportion before use, so that they can be painted on the treated base. At the same time, the construction should be appropriate to grasp the thickness of each brush, generally more than two millimeters, you can meet the requirements of waterproof. After testing the waters to ensure that no leakage, must be done in the cement mortar waterproof layer on the protective layer to prevent sharp objects in the subsequent engineering construction waterproof membrane formation Water Leakage puncture. Toilet waterproof paint selection skills (1) according to the local maximum temperature and minimum temperature, flexible choice of heat-resistant or low temperature flexibility of waterproof coating. High temperature area should choose waterproof coating with high heat resistance, in order to prevent flowing; cold area should choose low temperature and flexible waterproof coating, so as to avoid cold and brittle. (2) according to the foundation deformation degree, structure form, local year temperature difference, daily temperature difference and vibration factor, waterproof coating should be chosen according to the tensile property. For the roof with large structural deformation, a waterproof coating with large elongation rate should be selected to accommodate the deformation, such as Lei Bangshi's flexible JS waterproof coating. (3) according to the exposure degree of roofing waterproof coating, we should choose waterproof coating which is suitable for ultraviolet ray and heat aging rate. For exposed roofs, UV resistant waterproof coatings shall be selected to improve service life. (4) when the slope of roof drainage is more than 25%, it is not suitable to use waterproof coating with too long drying time. Must be a group B, two kinds of materials combination application: consumers choose non tar waterproof coating, must two groups together to buy, mixed use. At present, non tar waterproof coating occupies most of the market share, and domestic well-known brands have franchised stores, consumers are easy to buy. Professionals remind: consumers in the purchase of non tar waterproof coating, do not forget to buy a certain amount of. Due to different manufacturers, their internal components are not necessarily the same, the amount of diluent, according to each brand to decide how much to buy. Most of the diluents are in bulk and the quality is difficult to control. Non tar type waterproof coating formal manufacturers, are sold to a group of three barrels, manufacturers have thinner with good, but there are many different grades of products available, consumers can choose according to their own economic strength and decoration.

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