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Showing the most worth your friends sitting room space Bright color most eyes

Whatever your sitting room is decorated after, is used for the whole family reunion, or friends, or both. Careful design of the sitting room, should be you showing love to stay, and most worthy of your friends. Bright colors make sitting room space grab the eye of others. A rounded session area, and can make the sitting room appears close rich the milk of human kindness. Bright orange and yellow, and neutral decorative accessories, these details ornament, let narrow space appear natural and orderly. A hardwood floor, a cozy fireplace, coupled with the green and white classical collocation, this is a standard fashion family decorate plan. Of course, you also can be flexible enough to put some of your favorite fashion elements. Some clean, clear lines of item can be placed in. The emergence of blue and brown is always in pairs, but you must find your taste. If you like the color is a little bit, you can try to cream coffee and French blue, match the furniture of the traditional point at the same time, setting wall and cushion for leaning on and the like, for example, these cheap things can easily change and the trend of the decoration of some furniture line has distinguishing feature very much, for such furniture, should choose can matched with the color photograph of other furniture.

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