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Children paint more expensive than ordinary paint for several times Industry: there is no profession

As long as the product is close to "children", the price is several times higher than the regular goods. In December 14th, the reporter visited the local building materials market, found that many businesses in the promotion of "children's paint"; and the public to buy children's paint, mostly in terms of its environmental performance. Insiders pointed out that "the definition of children paint" is not in accordance with the relevant national standards, but the concept of manufacturers, dealers to build out for the promotion of such products packaging. Survey: multi brand paint "children" brand "so many brands have launched a children's paint, advertising propaganda is similar, I really do not know which to choose." Mr. Li is currently the decoration of the house was in trouble, his younger children, he was prepared in the children's room for children brushing paint, he visited the building materials market found that the children paint products especially rich and complex.

The 14 day, the reporter came to hold small commodity city, see a lot of brands have launched for children's room decoration paint products, whether foreign or domestic brands brand Dulux, Carpoly, in the publicity page and the drums are "children paint", "children's room". In Carpoly paint shop, children's paint is divided into different products according to the age group, divided into 0 - 3 years old, 3-6 years old, 6-12 years old.

Subsequently, the reporter came to benefit home museum. A paint shop manager Chen told reporters that the shop is not marked with "children" words of paint, but there is a good quality paint. "Now there is no" children's paint "this is a business in order to compete in the market to play a gimmick." Manager Chen said, "children's lacquer" is a term put forward by the merchants themselves, but this does not mean that children's paint is not good, it is a synonym for high-end paint.

Several times more expensive than ordinary lacquer

Reporters found that the same brand of paint marked "children" words more expensive than ordinary. In the Carpoly paint shop, a 6.4 kilogram paint for children is priced at 648 yuan, while the same brand of ordinary lacquer is only 300 yuan, half of the difference between the two. In another children's paint shop, a certain brand of 5 liter total children paint sold more than 600 yuan, while the ordinary paint of the same brand is sold only 200 yuan.

The reporters found that most of the children paint barrels packaging marked "VOC (a chemical known as wall paint harmful to the human body in 0) trend", "low VOC" or "3000 colors", "colourful world unlimited". When a reporter asked why children paint more expensive than ordinary paint, so many sales staff's answer is "more environmentally friendly, more colorful, easy to scrub."". When required to provide product inspection reports or specific data on hazardous substances, most sales officers are unable to issue or are not clear about this.

People buy more emphasis on environmental performance

"Now the pollution is so bad, decoration is very important. Many cancers are caused by inferior building materials, especially paint."." Home early spring garden Miss Feng said, her daughter was in primary school, the decoration of the house, she is the children's paint, Ms Fung said, give children to buy environmentally friendly children paint is not "luxury", but "necessity", "although the price is expensive, can be bought, a good living environment for children".

Building materials network Xiaobian understands, even if the children paint price than ordinary paint cost hundreds of dollars, many people will not hesitate to choose the children paint. But some people say children's paints are too bad to paint". "The price is too expensive. The brand of children's paint bucket is several times more expensive than the ordinary one."." Ms. Zhang, who works at a real estate, said.

It is understood that from the beginning of 2004, Carpoly, and other rich domestic paint companies will continue to launch the children paint and upgrade products, and high frequency of advertising, terminal promotion. Big brands high-profile intervention, many small brands continue to follow suit. Coupled with the continuous improvement of consumer awareness of environmental protection, but also accelerated the development of children's paint potential market.

There are no professional standards for children's paints

Children paint really more environmentally safe? Reporters carefully compared several products, some brands found marked ingredients ordinary paint and children paint almost identical, such as a paint shop selling a decorative paint, the main component of ordinary paint and children paint is composed of acrylic copolymer, and lead-free pigment additives and water, the difference is only the children paint packing barrel marked on "children".

"So far, the state has not promulgated the relevant standards of children's paints, consumers lack a reference basis. The so-called children's coatings, but also refers to the national standard of ordinary coatings, at most some of the lower levels of harmful substances." Mr. Cao, who has been in the paint industry for 10 years, says the paint is divided into children's paint and ordinary paint, and the most important thing is that the VOC in children's paint is very low.

Cao said, many brands of children's paint is just a gimmick, the product will be crowned "children" words, resulting in many so-called "children's paint" in name only. And sales staff in the introduction of products, it is difficult to accurately express what consumers are children's coatings, what kind of features, can only be said that children's paint is more environmentally friendly than ordinary paint. Therefore, consumers can only choose goods according to their own understanding of the brand, and there is no specific standard to refer to.

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