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Coating to join reading: 2014 coating industry investment of new trend

2013 came to the end, the bell will be ringing in 2014, the paint industry will also carry out a new round of reshuffle integration. Many want to invest in the paint industry, into the venture "reader" on hand is silver, but I do not know the "treasure" in which the brand. Which brand of paint was the most famous in 2014?

According to the relevant coating industry investment development materials analysis, in 2014, the coating industry has the following major trends. Major paint agents, dealers read the business opportunities contained in it, we can seize the opportunities for development and achieve wealth dream.

Wealth weapon: yield and economic situation of a good paint

Trend 1: the coating industry has a bright future

According to industry research, "12th Five-Year" period, the state plans to complete 36 million units of affordable housing; the rise of the two or three line of the city district city; in 2050 the rate will reach 70%, the immigrant population average of 12 million; two times the size of the market with considerable, a large number of renovation and expansion, the vast decoration, maintenance and refurbishment services market......

According to a report on 2013 1-11 months of real estate development and sales show that the national real estate development investment of nearly 7 trillion yuan, an increase of nearly 20% compared with the same period. Among them, residential investment also increased by 19.5%. In addition, in the new urbanization drive, some experts said that may drive 100 million housing needs.

As the supporting material of the real estate and infrastructure facilities, the coatings industry in China has also gained tremendous growth momentum while the state has made great efforts to develop new urbanization policies. Related data show that in 2011, China's total output of 10 million 795 thousand tons of coatings, output value of 272 billion 976 million; in 2012 production of more than 12 million 720 thousand tons, output value of 293 billion 460 million yuan; in 2013 production of more than 14 million 240 thousand tons, output value of more than 337 billion 400 million yuan.

Under the background of steady economic development and national policy support, the author believes that in 2014, the paint market will be more and more popular.

Trend two: industry to "integration" into

I understand that with the transformation of the economy and the popularity of the overall home concept, home building materials industry towards the overall era. Among them, the home appliance industry and the beauty industry Home Furnishing KB Boloni, a cross industry reference and industry paint industry good benchmark model: in the field of home appliances beauty constantly take cities and seize territory, among the field of electric cooker, induction cooker, refrigerator, air conditioner, Soybean Milk machine, at a speed of expansion hurricane, becoming one of the home appliance the big four. While the same ambitions of KB Boloni, from entering the cabinet industry, now dealers set up in 300 city, set up 1000 stores Albert, and launched the whole Home Furnishing decoration design + Design + furniture design solutions, successfully created a new generation of home improvement concept.

The whole case, for the development of home appliance industry Home Furnishing coatings industry benchmarking to write, paint industry brings inspiration: "Home Furnishing" conform to the trend, the paint industry can also create a wall for integrated development of the industry". Famous brand Maydos paint paint to create a protective wall decoration integrated solutions, products covered by the decoration paint, furniture paint, paint, wallpaper, waterproof coating engineering, has become the industry a few can provide a full range of products and services, R & D, production, sales and service in one enterprise.

In view of the "integrated whole settlement expert", Maydos provides dealers with convenient operation and successful replication of product marketing methods. Through strong brand franchise, multi product sales, add unit price, improve profit growth point. Package combination sales model, professional painting promotion services, the transformation of the shop to achieve the orientation of the service platform, so that partners easy to get rich.

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