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Water-based paint the ropes around here Coating market

In the paint market, "water paint" words from time to time into the eye. This shows that the market door has been opened to water-based paint products, the key is in the hands of enterprises and distributors. This year, building materials market decoration materials, in addition to the rapid development of diatom mud, there are many water paint brands throughout the country flagship stores and specialty stores built up. Xiao Bian and dealers, consumers chat in the process of understanding, they are environmentally friendly water paint are very recognized: "as the name suggests, water-based things non-toxic, environmental protection."."

Doubt and confusion

But dealers and consumers for water-based paint characteristics and quality is still skeptical and confused attitude, mainly due to the construction of paint technology, water paint with oil paint still exist obvious gap. Which is mainly responsible for the work of the painter painting walls which have the right to speak, they told reporters that most of the water paint film hardness has not yet reached the level of oil paint, brushing in hand to paint more than brushing several, construction requirements higher than oil paint. For most painters, they are more accustomed to using oil-based paint.

In fact, making water paint with paint, the process is not complicated, is to use water-based resin synthesis (good core material) and additives (such as leveling agent, defoaming agent, flatting powder and water, etc.) to high speed stirring (high speed dispersion) can be. However, the core technology of water paint production is the water-based resin technology, which directly determines the quality of waterborne paint products.

Domestic synthetic high-quality high-end water-based resin enterprises only in a small number of more synthetic resin enterprises can only create low-end resin, to meet the low-end demand. Add water paint products market tightening and other reasons, resulting in high-quality high-end water-based resin market is far from opening. As long as the core of water-based resin technology to break through, the production of high-quality waterborne coatings can be comparable in performance with the paint.

However, the market is filled with low water soluble resin (after coating film can be dissolved in water), which become the water paint production technology weakness, and directly affect the confidence of the market. According to the building materials network Xiaobian understanding, strong temptation in the low input and high output, large market, many enterprises give up resin core technology to evade the crucial point, and other aspects of the essence of painting needs research in technology is not advanced, the quality is not completely standard situation, the production of water-based paint products, and in a hurry into the market, causing many consumers to use water-based paint skeptical. There are companies who admitted that they produce a small amount of water are placed in the dealer, more is to promote, to show "I can also produce water-based paint, but for water paint sales, do not hold too high expectations.

Boost market confidence

How can we improve the market's confidence in water paint? Only practice can solve the problem.

Dealers reflect to reporters, after years of practical application, found that the problem of water-based paint can be used to make up for technical power. "Now the world water-based paint and oil paint technology can match, and even in some respects beyond the paint, thus the product progress needs a practical process, improve product performance in practical application, this process requires our tolerance."

The dealer also admitted that now the product performance of water-based paint and oil paint is not a small gap, it takes time to continuous improvement; water production costs have been high, leading to price as oily paint products, the more we need from the actual production process to find ways to reduce costs and to treat water paint Market in the long run.

Some enterprises have seen the dawn of development. In recent years, with the deterioration of the development of economy and environment, demands for environmental protection, healthy life is more and more intense, from the beginning of 2008, the influence of water borne wood paint three development conditions, support technology research and development, market demand and policy are increasingly mature. The development of waterborne coatings has been put on the agenda again. It is gratifying that more and more furniture enterprises use water-based wood paint, and more and more dealers have new knowledge and understanding of water paint."

Market-based approach

In the market when visiting in finishing the reporter found that in both aromatic paint, paint in Thailand as the representative of the water-based paint products store there is a growing trend. This shows that they have found a foothold in the market approach.

Reporters interviewed a dealer in Shenzhen, Luohu Fang Fang paint, let her introduce business experience. She said that the local water paint sales situation is good, mainly the owners tend to water paint, oil master tend oily paint.

In order to dispel the worries of the oil master, she will analyze them in detail. For example, in the construction of performance, long-term oil paint construction is harmful to the body, and heavier taste; in the construction difficulty, construction methods and construction tools if used correctly, the difficulty of construction of water paint construction with oil paint are similar; in the paint drying time, compared with water paint the drying time was faster than oil paint. "Comprehensive analysis, I believe that the oil master will also choose water-based paint."."

In the Huarong District of Ezhou City, Hubei Province set Thai paint agent Tong Liangfen talked about her choice of agents in Thailand paint: "for their brand carefully inspected, I was thinking of some agent of new products, like oil paint is too common, not attractive, so has been looking for water-based paint to agent."

Tong Liangfen told reporters, set Thai manufacturers have been

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