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Organic pigments fluidization agent structure features

Organic pigments fluidization Agent (Fluidising Agent, FA) : refers to the organic pigment dispersion in non-aqueous organic solvent, the preparation of pigment dispersions, to improve the organic pigment dispersions of liquidity and related properties of the additives, usually with the principal part of pigment type belong to the same chemical structure. Require organic pigments and coloring, the media should have good compatibility, pigment should fully dispersed evenly in the medium, various types of applications must adjust organic pigments and color medium.

The compatibility of organic pigment and coloring the solvent of media two ways:

From the aspects of color medium: in resin is determined, adjust the formulation of the final product (such as: the main adjustment link resin material type of solvent and the relative content of mixed solvent) and choose a particular multifunctional additives, make final chromatic dispersion, achieve ideal color effect.

Organic solvent type: non-aqueous organic solvent polarity: low-level fatty alcohols, fatty ketone, fatty acid as the organic pigment dispersion medium, such as with the polymer resin with corresponding auxiliary materials, the preparation has certain polarity solvent ink, solvent-based printing ink and solvent ink packaging, etc. Non-polar organic solvent, aromatics and fatty hydrocarbon as organic pigment dispersion medium, link with corresponding auxiliary agent and polymer resin material, the preparation of low polarity toluene ink and solvent coatings products.

From the aspects of organic pigments, organic pigments in organic solvent dispersion properties, mainly depends on the molecular structure of pigment properties, paint surface polarity, particle size and particle size distribution, determine the type of the organic pigment, to achieve a suitable surface polarity, particle size, to paint the implementation of different methods for surface modification treatment, such as: add the second nitrogen components or second coupled components, different characteristics of the surface modification agent, surfactant, organic pigment fluidization agent, etc.

The role of organic pigment sprocket inflow fluidized agent, one is the space between the pigment molecules or solid barrier function, prevent pigment particle aggregation, improve the dispersion and heat stability of the final product; Keep the smaller particle size, change the pigment particle size and distribution, increase the ink transparency; More importantly organic pigment fluidization agent, embedded in the paint inside crystal, adsorbed on the surface of organic pigments, or can effectively change the pigment particle surface polarity; Especially containing sulfonic group or carboxylic acid base double azo compound, with long carbon chain fatty amine formation of quaternary ammonium salt, can also be used with the aluminum salt precipitation formation, make modification of organic pigments in organic solvent has good matching or compatibility, pigments in organic solvents display the flow of low viscosity and excellent performance.

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