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Opportunity and challenge of environmental protection coating coating distributors in China doubled

China's coating distribution is ushering in a new round of opportunities, especially environmental protection coatings, which face market space will be several times higher than before. From the environment perspective, the latest "Central Committee on deepening reform of the overall number of major issues", clearly put forward to promote medium and small city and small towns coordinated development, industrial development and urban integration, we can imagine, second tier city environmental protection coating for higher quality leads to greater demand, and the three or four line of the city, it will form a new growth point.

In fact, in the last ten years, the coating industry have maintained a considerable growth rate, especially the building coating industry, growth has been impressive, according to the "2013 report" of the architectural decoration paint finishing, architectural decoration coatings in the last ten years the growth rate of more than 10%, in 2008 2 million 159 thousand tons, 2 million 616 thousand and 700 tons in 2009, the growth rate of 21.2% in 2011; 3 million 518 thousand and 200 tons, an increase of 30%; by the end of 2012 the production reached 4 million 800 thousand tons, accounting for 37.8% of the total output of coatings, an increase of 28.02%.

A huge industry scale and market space, not only contributed to a number of large-scale architectural decoration paint brand, such as 3A, Maydos, Dulux, green paint, and led the Nippon Paint, hundreds of thousands of dealers, and millions of jobs.

With the new policy came out, promoting the construction of urbanization, housing rigid demand driven, second-hand housing decoration market continued strong, entrepreneurial environment optimization and new consumer market, so that entrepreneurs and new dealers to see the market building decoration paint more new opportunities.

Unveil the new opportunities in the coatings industry

Statistics show that this year 1 to July, domestic commercial housing sales area of 611 million 330 thousand square meters, an increase of 25.8%, with this group of figures, it shows the great potential, the entire renovation market for nature, the exterior wall paint decoration and construction engineering, the natural demand considerable.

A huge market, and consumer groups have enough support, which despite fierce competition, but will not lack any opportunities to create wealth. The data show that there are about 10000000 pairs of couples married China formed each year, the purchase of rigid demand, in the face of the marriage room decoration with green paint right, this is a very worthy of opportunities, such as environmental protection paint for the 3A group launched the love baby pure green wall paint, unight high anti pollution wall paint, sales growth has been constantly refresh the record. At the same time, there are some brands and businesses around the wedding, playing marketing cards, and achieved unexpected results. In addition, nearly 200 million of pre-school children will be high-quality environmentally friendly children's paint, is a very good market opportunities.

Urbanization and housing construction is bound to paint distribution mentioned above, at the end of 2012, China's urbanization rate has reached 52.57%, while the developed countries are mostly over 80%, from the ratio of view, China's urbanization rate is still relatively large room for improvement. In addition, the gap between cities and towns is still quite large, developing countries are from a variety of policies to guide and support the pursuit of relative balance can be expected to build and beautify the two or three line of the city, and promote more four or five lines of the city, will bring new sales opportunities.

On the other hand, from the consumer side, along with the economic and cultural prosperity, growth in the number of wealthy and middle-class consumers quickly, to the requirements of the living environment is becoming more and more high, reflected in the paint, will require more and better quality of high-grade products, such as Europe and the United states according to the standard of purchase materials, 3A environmental protection paint for example, since the full range of products by SGS detection by European standards, the sales growth rate doubled, baby love paint, paint excellent resistance to the net two trump card products into the middle and affluent public favor decoration paint.

Dealers renewed new battlefield

Changes in the consumption market, and more new sales opportunities, consumer segments, to paint the dealers, not only mean another chance to create wealth, but also means that the challenges of enhancing. The traditional dealer needs to change, the new way of marketing, distribution of new environmental protection products, to two times on the road of entrepreneurship, and some new start dealers, it is necessary to identified market opportunities, looking for agents and those most able to meet the demand of consumer brands and products.

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