Development course

 Shenzhen ysm chemical co., LTD., registered in 2009

Set up

 2010 strong in south China in shenzhen city, China South famous profession, the company relies on its advantages in the selection for the south China city network integrity unit at the end of 2010, established in 2011, perfect the system of the departments of the company, purchasing department, sales department, human resources, finance department, after-sales department, logistics department

 2012 annual sales reached 40 million yuan, the total was established in 1500, international and domestic customers to reach more than 1500 laboratories' test equipment to achieve 300000 yuan of above

Was founded in 2014 in jiangsu ysm chemical industry limited liability company, produce 36 # 35 # solvent dye blue, blue in 2015 to obtain import and export management  xiamen ysm chemical co., LTD., established in 2016,

Annual sales reached 130 million yuan RMB, the total reached more than 4000 guest

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